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Cheap Life Insurance

Here at our aim is to not only help you make sense of all the different life insurance and life assurance products that are available but to also provide invaluable advice on how buy to cheap life insurance.

For many of us buying life insurance is something that we would perhaps rather avoid – it can almost feel as if planning for the eventuality of our death is rather like tempting fate. But for anyone who has loved ones who are dependent upon them for their financial wellbeing it is essential – there can be no greater peace of mind than knowing that in the event of your death your loved ones will be financially secure.

What Is Life Insurance?

We explain in very simple terms what exactly life insurance is and the different types of cover that are available from “Term Life Insurance” to “Whole Of Life Assurance”.

And of course as anyone who is looking for cheap life insurance knows there are many different variations of life insurance available and no one size fits all. So to ensure that you not only find cheap life insurance but insurance that meets your personal needs we explain all the different types of policy that are available from “Level Term Insurance” to “Increasing Term Insurance” and “Family Income Benefit”.

Mortgage Life Insurance

“Mortgage Life Insurance”, also known as “Decreasing Term Life Insurance” is perhaps the best option for those of us who are looking for cheap life insurance. As the name suggests “Mortgage Life Insurance” is often taken out when people take on a new mortgage. The monthly premiums are very low indeed and as the years pass the amount of money that would be paid out in the event of your death decreases in line with the reduction in any outstanding mortgage repayments. By the time the policy ends the level that would be paid out in the event of your death is nil.

Not only is “Mortgage Life Insurance” the cheapest life insurance policy  but it is also the most popular – as such we have an entire section dedicated to it.

Life Assurance

“Life Assurance” Is a term that it often used on an interchangeable basis with “Life Insurance” but there is a very subtle yet important difference between the two types of product. “Life Insurance” cover is taken out for a fixed term – it is only if you die during the term of the cover that any pay-out is made. If you out survive the policy you receive nothing. “Life Assurance” on the other hand is an on-going policy that is guaranteed to pay out when you die – as such it may be a more expensive product but it does offer complete piece of mind.

Critical Illness Cover

“Critical Illness Cover” is often combined with other life insurance policies and is a product that pays out if you are diagnosed with any one of the critical illnesses that are specified in your policy document. Our section on “Critical Illness Cover” explains exactly what this type of cover is, what it covers and perhaps even more importantly what it does not cover.

Over 50’s Life Insurance

If you have dependants that rely on your income for their financial wellbeing, or if you simply want to leave a cash lump sum to your loved ones, then it is never too late to consider taking out life insurance. Our section on “Over 50’s Life Insurance” explains how over 50’s policies work and how to secure the cheapest deal possible.